Friday, January 9, 2015

Sample Free by 2016 - Day #5 Beauty Samples

January 5th, 2015 - 13/565 Samples = $10.11/69.58

Here are the samples I used up:

Sample #14 - Acure Cell Stimulating Body Wash, value = $2.50

Thoughts: This is a very nice body wash that is sold at Target. It lathered great and left my skin feeling very soft and left an extremely fine layer of oil on it. It did smell of sweet almonds, too much for my taste. I wonder if it comes in any other scents?

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #15 - Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum, value = $1.76

Thoughts: The serum goes on nicely, but the second ingredient in this product is straight ALCOHOL! Would you put straight alcohol on your face twice a day?!?! I think not!

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #16 - Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Serum, value = $2.65

Thoughts: This product also contains alcohol! It is a simple moisturizer, but totally not worth the money.

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #17 - Mai Couture Blush Paper, value = $0.70

Thoughts: I like the concept of this blush paper, however when I applied it to my face - it went on a bit patchy. I tried using a blush brush the second time to remove product from the paper and put it on my face, and that worked well. It is a gorgeous pink color, and although it is really iridescent on the paper - it does not pull very iridescent on the cheeks. It also latest STRONG! It stayed put for 14+ hours --- no joke! If you had to travel VERY light - this product would be something to consider.

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #18 - The Naked Bar Pit Cream, value = $2.50

Thoughts: The first time I rubbed this cream all over my pits, I smelled like B.O. hours later. It is not scented and I imagine that would have helped. The second time I rubbed the product on, I put on A LOT! This seemed to help with the stink. You still sweat though. I still prefer my La Vanilla.

Would I repurchase: NO.

Overall Thoughts:

No to every product. This is the beauty of sampling though - I will never have to consider purchasing a full size of any of these products -- woo hoo!

Please let me know if you have finished up any samples, or if you have any opinions on any of these products.


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