Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sample Free by 2016 - Day #3 Beauty Samples

January 3rd, 2015 - 6/565 Samples = $46.81

My First Day using up samples - Yay!!

Here are the samples I used up:

Sample #1 - La Mer The Eye Balm Intense, value = $38

Thoughts: This eye cream is super luxurious. It felt like I was putting silk under my eyes. There was absolutely no pull, and I have NEVER felt that with any other eye cream. My under eye felt very hydrated, but I could not speak to if it decreased wrinkles or not. Paula's Choice (which is my go to website to research the claims on a product) says that this product normally comes in jar packaging, so the wonderful ingredients won't remain stable. THANK THE LORD -- an excuse not to buy!

Would I repurchase: Maybe if I was a millionaire, but in my current situation - NO.

Sample #2 - Viva La Juicy, Couture Gold Perfume, value = $1.35

Thoughts: This smells wonderful!! This "golden" composition begins with luscious wild berries that form an introduction to the heart of Sambac jasmine and honeysuckle. The base features warm aromas of sandalwood, golden amber, caramel and vanilla elixir.

It basically smells like caramel, vanilla, amber goodness. Sophisticated, sweet, yet there is something aristocratically naughty about it. I love the smell.

Would I repurchase: Already have!

Sample #3 - La Fresh Soothing Body Wipe, value = $0.41

Thoughts: This little towelette is infused with refreshing peppermint oil, and nourishing olive oil. I really enjoyed using this over my legs, and could see this being a total win if you are on your legs all day and want a cooling, refreshing sensation to relax them.

Would I repurchase: Possibly, but I would be in no hurry to.

Sample #4 - Mary Kay Botanical Effects Refresh Toner, value = $0.20?

Thoughts: It was sensitive on my skin and although it felt toned, there was nothing special about it. Kudos for being fragrance free though.

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #5 - L'occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil, value = $6.17

Thoughts: This smells of almonds, like it should. I used this primarily on my belly (trying to prevent more stretch marks), and it was very nourishing. I found it absorbed nicely. The only caveat, is that it is quite pricey and I could get away with rubbing olive oil on my belly, just the same.

Would I repurchase: NO.

Sample #6 - Ahava Dermud Foot Cream, value = $1.09

Thoughts: This was nice and thick and rubbed in very well on my feet. It is definitely emollient, however, to break down dry skin you would need something with alphahydroxy acid in it, or urea. This just coats the dryness.

Would I repurchase: NO, but it was nice.

So there you have it, my first review of samples used. This is a lot of fun, and I am enjoying using up my samples! I have about 3 more of the La Mer eye cream, so I am looking forward into dipping back into those.

Please let me know if you have finished up any samples, or if you have any opinions on any of these products.


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